science fiction, fantasy, horror

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Michael Steve Rimar




Born in Kitchener, Ontario June 27, 1964, Mike Rimar now lives in Whitby, Ontario with his two daughters.  Despite its contrary spelling, he insists on pronouncing his last name as rhymer. Mike is still Mike.

He is a man of mystery, particularly to himself. That he writes at all is most baffling since he can barely  spell and grammar makes his head hurt. Science Fiction only exacerbates  the situation. He is a taco puzzle wrapped in a tortilla shell enigma.

He does like a good cooking show and has been observed staring at non-stick frying pans far too long to be healthy.

Exactly when he got the foolish notion of becoming a writer is open to conjecture, but  somehow he did, and has been tormenting his friends and family with unedited first drafts ever since.



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